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Wind Mitigation Inspection Orlando, FL

Why Get a Wind Mitigation Inspection?

Wind mitigation inspections were developed after the 2004 hurricane season, and are designed to give homeowner insurance discounts to homes that meet certain building code and criteria. The state of Florida require this inspection so that insurance companies do not withhold discounts on home insurance policies to homeowners with newer houses or specific updates to their home. Wind mitigation inspections are driven by the insurance industry. It is used in determining applicable discounts that may be applied to your homeowner’s insurance. Floridians know the value of this inspection through the hundreds of dollars saved each year on their homeowner’s insurance costs.

Wind Mitigation inspection refers to the various construction features put in place such as roof attachments, roof to wall connections, shapes of roofs, etc. made to the building that is meant to reduce the destructive effect that is experienced as a result of the occurrence of strong winds and hurricanes. These measures may include constructing stronger anchors for your building as well as window covering, and anything else that may help reduce future wind damage to your home.

No one knows when such disasters may strike, thus proper care must be taken. It is important to know that a wind mitigation inspection must be submitted to your homeowners’ insurance company so they can determine discounts. Our customers have saved $200-$800 dollars per year. Florida homeowners, reduce your insurance costs today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Money Will I Save on My Home Insurance?

The estimated savings can vary greatly depending on the home. As home inspectors, we can only see what wind resistant features your home has during our inspections, not how much you may save. It is best to discuss what discounts you may qualify for and your estimated savings with your insurance agent.

What is Inspected and Recorded on the Wind Mitigation Report?

The wind mitigation is a form that includes seven questions that ask about what kind of wind mitigating material the home has:

  1. The age of the home – to determine if home permitting was applied for after the Florida Building Code was updated, in March 1st, 2002.
  2. The age of the roof – to determine if the roof was permitted after March 1st, 2002.
  3. Roof decking nail size and pattern – to determine the nail size that was used to hold down the plywood against the truss system.
  4. Roof to wall attachment – where the exterior wall of the home meets the roofline.
  5. Roof Geometry – the overall shape of the roof.
  6. Secondary Water Resistance – what kind of underlayment does the roof have?
  7. Opening Protection – to receive this discount, all windows need an impact rated shutter, or the window itself must be impact rated, with documentation. This also includes sliding glass doors, and window inserts in doors or garage doors.
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