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Radon Sampling Orlando Home Inspection ServicesRadon is a radioactive gas that comes from the natural decay of uranium in the rock, soil and water under a home.


What is Radon?

Radon is a radioactive gas that many people may have never even heard of. However, it can be extremely dangerous if found in your home. The gas causes cancer. The gas enters the home through the ground, leaking in through cracks and holes, then circulating the air in the home.

Radon is surprisingly common in homes. In fact, elevated levels of the gas can be found in nearly 1 out of every 15 homes in the US. Any home, old or new, can be at risk. Radon levels cannot be predicted based on location, the condition of the building, or even tests done on nearby homes. The only way to know for sure if your home contains radon is to have it inspected by Orlando Home Inspectors.


Radon Inspection is an important part of the home inspection process for homeowners and potential home buyers. Below, we’ll look at why having radon in the home can be dangerous, the process of inspecting, and what can be done if radon is discovered.


Radon Inspection For Home Sellers

When putting your home on the market, it can be helpful to offer potential buyers the results of a radon test. The inspection should take place on the lowest livable level of the home, where radon is most likely to enter the home through the ground. It’s important to have a qualified company do the testing, as the results will impact your steps going forward. When you have the results of the test, you’ll need to disclose the information to your real estate agent who will pass the results on to potential buyers.

Even after you have the home tested, those who are interested in the home may ask that a new radon inspection takes place. There are several reasons that a potential buyer might want a new test – if the test was completed more than two years prior, if renovations have been done since the test, or if there was any question about the requirements of the test being met.

Radon Inspection for Home Buyers

A radon inspection should be included on your pre-buying checklist. If the seller has already completed a radon test, that’s great! However, take a look at the report before accepting the results. Start by checking the date of the inspection and make sure that the test was completed within the past two years. Find out who did the test and whether they were a qualified inspector. You’ll also want to take note of where in the house the test was done, to be sure that the lowest livable level was tested. Also, find out if any renovations were completed after the test, as any structural changes could affect the results.

If you don’t feel comfortable with the radon inspection results, the individual or company that did the test, or if there have been any changes since the testing, you can ask for a new inspection to be completed. If the level of radon in the home is less than 4pCi/L, your home will pass the test. If the number is higher, you’ll need to decide if you’re still interested in the home that will need to go through the mitigation process with a qualified contractor.

Choose Radon Inspection for Your Home

Whether you’re selling, buying, or having your home renovated, radon inspection is an important part of the process. Keep your family safe by keeping radon levels low.

You cannot see Radon, taste it, or smell it. Florida is a very low-risk state for Radon. Sampling is available to give you “Peace of Mind” that your home is safe!!!



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