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It doesn’t matter what your home is made of because termites don’t discriminate against brick, block, stucco or even homes built on concrete slabs.

That’s because termites get in through tiny cracks and crevices in, under and around your home. To make matters worse, your home may be sitting on up to six subterranean termite colonies in a single acre plot, with each colony housing up to millions of termites. Drywood termites are also hard to detect because, unlike subterranean termites, drywood termite colonies live in the wood they eat. In both cases, termites are almost never seen until their damage has already been done. There are termite warning signs to look for if you suspect you have them. However, the best termite prevention is having guaranteed Termite Protection for your home before you have a problem.

So how can you protect your home from the threat of termites?

Not all termite control companies are the same. When you start looking for a termite company to provide your home with effective termite protection, make sure you’re getting a complete termite inspection by an authorized professional. Termite inspections should include a complete review of your home – over, under, inside and out – and a written recommendation of termite treatment options. American Home Services provides a detailed termite inspection of your home and property including our exclusive Total Buyer’s Protection. We’ll even provide you with a few homeowner’s tips on what you can do to keep termites from getting into your home. Best of all, AHS’s Termite Protection is backed by one of the best termite guarantees in the industry. That’s termite control at its finest!


Get guaranteed protection against the cost of termite treatments and damage repairs with the Protection Plan all as low as $25 per month.

  • Certified annual termite inspection of your home and property
  • No termite control fees if activity is found
  • Free repairs of new termite damage if live termites are detected


Eliminating termites quickly is essential. Fortunately, even the toughest colonies can’t stand up to our Liquid Defend System termite treatment.

  1. AHS technician will perform a No-Obligation Inspection
  2. AHS will recommend an effective termite solution that’s backed by the strongest guarantee in the business
  3. After your initial termite service, your home will be inspected annually. If the problem persists, we’ll re-treat your home at no extra cost until the termites are gone


First, we do a thorough, free pest inspection inside and outside your home. Then, whether its ants, roaches, rodents or other common pests, we eliminate any existing problems or pest infestations inside the home.

Next, we focus our attention on the outside of the home where we rely on preventive measures, like caulking and sealing hard-to-see cracks and crevices, to keep bugs out of your home. We’ll even provide you with a few homeowner’s tips on how you can help keep pests out of your home.

After that, we provide regularly scheduled pest prevention services to inspect and seal off any new entry points, and make targeted pest prevention treatments to the outside of your home.

Should a problem arise between regular services, we’ll be back — at your convenience, at no additional cost to you.

For ant removal, rodent control, or ridding your home of bugs and pests, don’t settle for outdated pest control or exterminators. Contact American Home Services and prevent pests from coming into your home in the first place!

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