10 Questions To Ask Your Inspector

teamNot all home inspectors are created equally!

The abilities and knowledge of home inspectors vary widely; choose carefully to get the best home inspection and service possible.  For years the Home Inspection industry in Florida was unregulatedThere are 1000’s of Unknowledgeable and under qualified inspectors licensed today.  The key is to ask about the qualifications, background, experience, and tools of your inspector.

  1. Now that the State of Florida requires you to have a license, Ask were you Grand Fathered in or have you ever taken and passed the National Home Inspector Exam?  (it is NOT recommended to use someone that has not passed the National Home Inspector Exam…only ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) is a credited organization that requires to you to pass the NHIE exam in order to be a member….Only use ASHI certified Home Inspectors?

American Home Services has been an ASHI Certified Inspector since the beginning. We are also one of few “Certified Master Inspectors” through InterNACHI

2. What is your background?  Do you have direct hands on experience in the constructions field?  (Thousands of Home Inspectors claim to have 20 years + experience…but you may find that their experience is very limited to a specific trade or handy man experience or even no actual construction experience.  It is recommended to hire Home Inspectors that have or have been previously licensed as Engineers, General Contractors or Construction Superintendents)

American Home Services’ inspectors have over 20+ years of experience from the Engineering disciplines of architectural, civil and mechanical Engineering Fields, having owned and managed numerous construction companies with supervisory and Hands ON experience in Every discipline of home construction.

3. What is your actual education in the Home Inspection Industry? (Many Home Inspectors are licensed and have no further educational back grounds or additional certifications for the industry.  It is recommended that you only hire companies that are active in Home Inspection Organizations, such as ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors), Nachi (National Association of Certified Home Inspectors), ICC (International Code Council), to name a few.

American Home Services’ inspectors have lower degrees in mechanical design, and are certified in all phases of construction.  We have numerous certifications in the inspection industry and are current members or past members of the following orgainizations: ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors-current), Nachi (National Association of Certified Home Inspectors-current), ICC (International Code Councel-past), Fabi (Florida Association of Building Inspectors –past), IAQ (Indoor Air Quality-current

4. How long have you been in business?  How many inspections have you actually performed? (Nothing beats the education of hard knocks. It is recommended to NOT use anyone that has less than 2000 inspections performed, many quality home inspectors have performed 5000 or more.)

American Home Services has over 10,000 inspection performed to date with a 100% customer satisfaction rate.

5. Do you use the latest Home Inspection Technology for your inspections?  (A quality home inspector will have tools such as Thermal Imaging Camera’s, Moisture Meters, Amperage Meters, just to mention a few.  They should be able to explain how these tools are used in the inspection.  They should be “Certified” to use Thermal Imaging Tools.)

American Home Services has always and will remain on the cutting edge of technology.  Currently using all thermal imaging cameras, ect. And provide a technological Termite Inspection not offered by other companies.

6. Does your company offer other services that will help provide a more thorough inspection?  (Many companies offer “auxiliary services”.  Make sure they are actually licensed to perform these services and are not working “underneath” someone else’s license.  To perform a Termite Inspection or Mold Assessment requires you to be licensed separately under the DBPR.)

American Home Services is a one stop shop company.  We are licensed to perform all your auxiliary services that may be required to add that extra thoroughness provided in your Home Inspection Company.

7. Does your company carry the required minimum $300,000 dollar liability insurance? And can I get a copy of that Insurance policy? (The state requirements for insurance is far below what a company should actually carry.  It is recommended to only hire companies that carry a minimum of $1,000,000.00 liability and Errors and Omissions insurance.  In addition, they should also carry riders that govern any additional services such as termite, mold, and radon.)

American Home Services carries $1,000,000 dollars of Liability and E & O Insurance with all intangible riders in effect.  A copy of our insurance policy can be provided upon request.

8. Does your company offer any warranties with the Home Inspection or Termite Inspection? (It is not recommended to hire any company that does NOT offer a warranty with their services.  Is the warranty provided by a franchise or in-house or is provided by a 3rd party?  It is best to be provided by a 3rd party.  Is a copy of the warranty available for review before the inspection is completed?)

American Home Services offers a 90 Day Warranty on both their home inspections and termite inspections.  Both are available for review on our website.

9. Can your company accept any form of payment? (It is recommended to hire a company that has the experience and company structure to accept MasterCard, Visa or personal Checks.)

American Home Services accepts the following forms of payment; MasterCard, Visa, Personal Checks or Cash.

10. Does your company offer continued support after the inspection?  (It is recommended to hire a Home Inspection company that offers continued consultation and support for your residence.  A quality company can be found on Social Media and should offer newsletters and other forms of continued communication to its clients.)

American Home Services is available on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest,  and other online media formats.  We offer a monthly newsletter and personal assistance or advice for the Life of the Client…Free Of Charge.



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